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398 More Services, Part Two March 7th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

We’re picking up from yesterday’s blog where we began to list items from our “Guaranteed Success Action Plan.” Again, please only offer this as a last resort with the greatest of caution since you might be held accountable to it!

Marketing/Negotiation Sequence….
201. Complete condominium documents checklist
202. Tax questions form to condominium property manager
203. Confirm condominium fees
204. Confirm taxes and local improvement fees
205. Record fees in listing data
206. Record fees in file
207. Order condominium plan
208. Order condominium documents
209. Review condominium documents
210. Review condominium plan
211. Enter registered size in MLS and database
212. Launch investment property plan, if applicable
213. Verify all rents and deposits
214. Obtain copy of leases from seller
215. Prepare property investment analysis
216. Coordinate showings with tenants
217. Verify if first right of refusal
218. Record homeowner association fee in database
219. Review title
220. Order instruments
221. Order restrictions on title
222. Confirm homeowner association fee
223. Provide marketing data about property to our team’s buyers
224. Confirm information is correct on
225. Record homeowner association in file
226. Copy of MLS printout to all upbooks
227. Post listing on office listing board
228. Monitor HomeFax Hotline buyer calls
229. Follow up with HomeFax Hotline buyer calls
230. Promote listing at office meeting
231. Launch public open house plan
232. Schedule public open house
233. Enter public open house on Daytimer with reminder
234. Call seller to remind and confirm open house
235. Complete open house “get ready” checklist
236. Prepare extra feature sheets for open house
237. Enter open house date and time on website
238. Call our buyer prospects to invite to open house
239. Get lender to open house to pre-approve the attendees
240. Host public open house
241. Enter open house in showings on database
242. E-mail for feedback after every showing
243. Send second E-mail for feedback, if needed
244. Send third E-mail for feedback, if needed
245. Enter feedback in
246. Monitor feedback on
247. Enter all showings on listings showing form
248. Prepare showing feedback reporting
249. Feedback to seller every two weeks: E-mail, fax, and phone
250. Provide property data to incoming referral buyers
251. Handle all calls generated, and keep track of sources
252. Replace brochure box flyers as needed
253. Replace feature sheets as needed
254. E-mail property information to move up/down buyer lists
255. Download information from lockbox, if necessary
256. Monitor Internet buyer inquiries
257. Follow up to Internet buyer inquiries
258. Prepare hard copy showing reporting for seller
259. Prepare marketing activity reporting for seller
260. Prepare inclusions for reporting
261. Maintain buyer inquiries form for follow up
262. Send market activity reports to seller
263. Prepare property ad for real estate guide
264. Submit property ad to real estate guide
265. Submit property photo for real estate guide advertisement
266. Send copy of real estate guide advertisement to seller
267. Submit property information for
268. Submit property photo for
269. Review activity in the marketplace
270. Prepare market activity and CMA for reporting
271. Edit MLS remarks every two weeks
272. Contact seller on a weekly basis
273. Print HomeFax Hotline inquiries daily
274. Review marketing activities and make adjustments, if needed
275. Monitor new listings in the area
276. Monitor sales in the area that may affect sale of property
277. Necessary amendments entered on MLS
278. Make updated copies of MLS stats for file and upbooks
279. Extensions and amendments to listing department
280. Listing changes and amendments enter in database
281. Prepare new flyers with amendments and changes
282. Enter amended message in HomeFax Hotline
283. Deliver amended flyers to property
284. Notify showing agents of listing changes
285. File documents regarding extensions and amendments
286. Enter any listing changes on listing board
287. Enter amendments and changes on team website
288. Send amendments to
289. Notify webmaster of amendment if featured property
290. Prepare property information advertising in monthly newsletter
291. Search MLS for prospect matches on a daily basis
292. Send property information to top agents with matches as required
293. Enter listing information into monthly newsletter
294. Notify seller that offer to purchase received
295. Contact selling agent to discuss offer details
296. Confirm and discuss buyer’s qualifications with agent
297. Review and discuss offer to purchase with seller
298. Suggest and discuss strategies with seller
299. Negotiate offer to purchase
300. Confirm all necessary documents required for contract
301. Confirm all initials and signatures on contract
302. Confirm accepted contract received by seller
303. Confirm selling agent received copy of accepted contract
304. Deliver accepted contracts to seller and agent
305. Report conditional sale to board
306. Make copies of contract and all pertinent documents
307. Place “Conditionally Sold” sticker on sign
308. Update listing file
309. Open closing sale file
310. Update listing board
311. Prepare sale checklist for file
312. Prepare trade record sheet
313. Contract and complete set of documents to closing
314. Confirm initial deposit received
315. Make copy of deposit check
316. Enter sale in database
317. Enter sale price in database
318. Enter deposits and mortgage amounts in database
319. Enter deposit date reminders
320. Enter parties involved in sale in database
321. Enter condition and closing dates in sale
322. Enter condition date reminders
323. Launch “conditionally sold” sales plan
324. Launch “final sale” plan
325. Copy of transfer disclosure
326. Contact handyman/vendors for bids
327. Record initial deposit received with date and time
328. Notify referral agent or company of C/S sale, if applicable
329. Send copy of contract to the referral company
330. Initial deposit to closing for depositing to trust account
331. Confirm home inspection date and time with selling agent
332. Provide information to appraisers
333. Notify seller of home inspection date and time
334. Record home inspection in file checklist and sale in database
335. Confirm appraisal completed
336. If appraisal not completed, contact selling agent and inquire
337. Make copy of CMA, and submit CMA to appraiser
338. Print sale report for file
339. Organize sale file in proper order
340. File to “pendings” compartment
341. Enter conditional sale on website
342. Send condominium documents to selling agent
343. Follow up with selling agent concerning finance condition
344. Follow up with selling agent concerning conditions in condominium documents
345. Follow up with selling agent regarding other conditions
346. Call selling agent to confirm waivers will be received as needed
347. Confirm waivers are received from selling agent
348. Photocopy all waivers for closing
349. Confirm additional deposit received
350. Make copy of deposit check
351. Record additional deposit received with date and time
352. Deposit check to closing for depositing to trust account
353. Copies of waivers to closing department
354. Copies of waivers filed
355. Reorganize sale file
356. Document and log all communications with selling agent
357. Prepare updated closing report for file
358. Complete copy of contact with waivers to seller for his/her records
359. Prepare moving guide for seller
360. Prepare moving package for seller
361. Get moving card notification address from seller
362. Send new moving cards
363. Obtain seller lawyer information
364. Obtain purchaser lawyer information
365. Send contract and all other documents to seller’s lawyer
366. Confirm if original or copy of closing statement on file
367. Send copy of closing statement
368. Courier original closing statement to lawyer, if on file
369. Notify lawyer if update is needed
370. Remove lockbox from property
371. Deliver moving package and gift to seller
372. Place “Sold” sticker on sign
373. Prepare tag for property key
374. Remove marketing material from property
375. Record if key returned to seller or placed in file for closing
376. If key returned to seller, schedule pickup for closing
378. Seller lawyer information to closing
379. Buyer lawyer information to closing
380. Notify referral agent or company of final sale, if applicable
381. Assist seller with home purchase
382. Schedule walk-through appointments
383. Record walk through in database
384. Send key release and walk-through trust letter to selling agent
385. Confirm signed trust letter received
386. Call seller lawyer regarding cash difference and keys release
387. Courier or leave key at reception for agent pickup
388. Notify selling agent keys are releasable
389. Launch after sale closing plan
390. Send service survey to seller
391. Update listing and sale in database
392. Update client information in database
393. Remove address from selling agent
394. File to “closed” compartment
395. Schedule “after sale” contract
396. Initiate VIP Service/Concierge Service
397. Initiate “client for life” service
398. Offer special client investment opportunities


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