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Sixteen Reasons to Call Walter Sanford to Make Buying This Home Simple April 7th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

For the past few days, we’ve covered signs, riders, brochure boxes, and items to include in the brochure box.  If you haven’t read the previous two blog entries, be sure to check them out!

Today’s post includes another item that you attach to the listing flyer to capture buyers who aren’t yet represented contractually by another agent.


  1. He has the key – you need it to get into the home!
  1. He will show you the five best ways to finance your purchase of this home – the “right” financing package will save you thousands of $$ in interest payments.
  1. He knows all the listing and sales information in the area and he will provide it for you – a knowledgeable buyer is better prepared to negotiate and purchase this home. Have the same facts that an appraiser does!
  1. He is a community expert and will provide any community information that you need including school information – you will not have to guess and hope that information that you have is correct!
  1. He has a two-hour callback guarantee during business hours – you will not have to wonder if the agent is going to call you back.
  1. He has a team of professionals to look after your needs. From the first time you call through the entire buying process, the best experts will be on your team to make sure your purchase is as smooth as possible.  Walter’s experts want his business and therefore, we take care of your business!
  1. He has a full-time transaction coordinator to make sure your purchase is as smooth as possible. He also has a full-time customer service representative dedicated to making your home-buying experience a positive one.  This frees up Walter’s time to take a personal interest in giving you the best home for the money.
  1. He has unique insight into the specific needs of this seller.
  1. He has a full-time buyer representative to make sure your special buyer needs are fulfilled at every step along the way.
  1. He is a nice guy. You will enjoy working with him and his entire team of professionals.
  1. He has a list of satisfied clients that you are free to call.
  1. If you have a home to sell, no one gets more buyers through your doors than Walter. If you have a rental agreement or lease agreement, he can call your landlord and negotiate your moving out.  If you have problems that are challenging for others, do not worry – Walter has seen it before.
  1. Walter has heard horror stories about home problems that were not disclosed. Walter already has a full disclosure statement about the home’s condition, signed by the seller.  If you like, Walter will have an inspector evaluate your home and create a 20-30-page detailed report on this home.
  1. Ever wonder if you are seeing every home that is possible for your budget? Ask to be involved in Walter’s Exclusive Buyer’s Club – free of charge with over 20 special buyer services.
  1. Are you currently working with a real estate agent that you like? Call us and we will send you a productivity report on that agent so you can see their ranking at the (city) Board of REALTORS®.
  1. Call Walter now and arrange your first interview to discuss your needs at 815.929.9258.


 Our book Fast Lane Buyer Systems includes numerous forms, letters, and checklists to share with your clients and potential clients; also included are items to draw buyers (and sellers) to your website.

Check out the details here: 800.792.5837 and ask for the blog special to get this book for just $50.


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