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Some Relocation Business Is Silly Business April 10th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Through the course of our one-on-one coaching program, sometimes we have scenarios that require an immediate response – something that can’t wait until the next coaching session.

What follows is an exchange with one of my new coaching clients who had a hot RELO lead:

From Coaching Client:

Hi Walter,

I received a potential lead…someone in HR who has not been pleased with an existing relationship.

I don’t know the ins and outs of relo. Do you have any insight on how I might be able to help?

From Me:

First the negative — If it is a company that likes to bring people in (and not let people go) or if they have figured out that the best way to introduce someone to a potential new job is to let them go on a city tour then you will have to figure out quickly if you are a company and city promo person or someone who is actually getting buyers and listings.

Tour guides are slow to make the big bucks.  I have other clients who have the (large flooring corporation) account.  This is a very strong account with people being promoted and moved to other locations.  They aren’t so much a city tour group, but the move-ins are shown areas in their price range and preference.  Most take the job because it is a transfer.  When a new one comes in, then usually one goes out so you get listings, too.

Hospitals are notorious for wanting agents to impress potential new hires who are looking at numerous hospitals, but when it comes to the doctors moving on, they seldom listen to the relocation department as to who to use.  All you can do is a little research on the company, ask the previous agent who handled the account, and ask the Human Resource manager some good questions.

Now the positive – Yes, human resource departments can be great!  Many large franchise real estate companies already have agreements with the companies.  The real estate agent working for the company gives 20-40% of their commission back to the company or client, which partially funds the company move-in or move-out package.  Many small and medium companies do not have an affiliation with a major real estate company.

Always sell your services on value.  Look for letters to Human Resource Departments in Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content. You can put your own spin on the letter, but the bulk of it is already done for you.

Your value propositions to the human resource department are the following:


  1. Tours of the most appropriate properties and areas as determined by a needs analysis of the client. Tours conducted on the client’s schedule including pick up at the airport.
  2. Properties shown will be MLS inventory along with coming soon or “secret” properties. Guarantee that clients will be given more opportunities than those available by other real estate firms or can be found on the internet.
  3. A one-stop shop of all necessary services will be offered by a team with experience in working together. Home inspection, radon, flood, earthquake, contractors, lenders, and title will all be provided with years of experience and high client satisfaction.
  4. A personal lender will be introduced who will pre-approve the loan amount in writing for faster negotiations and better transactions with sellers, due to providing “surety of close.”
  5. An estimate of cash needed at close will be provided prior to an offer being made.
  6. Seamless closings will be arranged with agents/closing entities from out of town so that when one property closes the other will be ready to move into.
  7. Offers based on comparable sales, the same ones that an appraiser would use.
  8. Guaranteed same day communication with the client and the Human Resource Director.



  1. Our exclusive seller education program and our free 48-hour phone value analysis.
  2. Marketing plans customized to the client’s needs and to attract the top paying buyers for that market niche.
  3. Pre-listing consultation to help sellers make profitable repair/upgrade decisions and to provide understanding of the process and timing.
  4. Staging service that can create more showings and higher net proceeds.
  5. All needed, local vendors offered per their expertise.
  6. A marketing plan put in writing and guaranteed.
  7. Same day communication from the first meeting until the closing process has been completed.
  8. Free CPA service to determine the tax ramifications of sale decisions.

Write a letter (or choose one from my letters book) with the above “value” items.  Send these letters to small or medium human resource departments of target companies.  You will demonstrate to the HR departments that you will win their business!  Updated me in this week’s call and good luck!

Once you find the best companies that have employees moving in or out on a regular basis and they don’t use you just as a good will ambassador, you will find these value propositions give you a second look!  They’ll discover their need for a real estate “go to” person in you.


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