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Six Ways Other Agents’ Clients Lose Thousands by Incorrectly Pricing Homes April 25th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Checklists, thorough explanations, well-planned strategies – potential clients will see this kind of information on your website and know that you take the business of selling homes SERIOUSLY. Providing content for your potential buyers and sellers on your website also is more likely to deliver a more knowledgeable buyer and seller.

1. Your home will most likely sell for top dollar when it is fresh to the market and priced to be competitive. Letting it sit on the market destroys a buyer’s enthusiasm.

2. Buyers buy after they shop around. Buyers are in search of the best value. If your home is priced too high, it will make the other homes look more attractive. You will be selling the competition.

3. At the sale, your property will need to be appraised. If it appraises below the contract price, you will have a problem, because in this market, a lender will not want to give a loan to your buyer. Many sellers not represented by me then drop their price too much to get it closed!

4. Price is the most critical item that both buyers and real estate agents look to when selecting homes to view. Poor location can be cured with price, so can bad condition, terms, floor plan, and decorating.

5. Negotiations:
• If it is priced too high, it is possible that no one will seriously consider or see the benefit of starting the negotiations.
• The more accurately priced the property is, the less likely the buyer is to start the negotiations with a “low ball” offer or even see the need to negotiate.
• Buyers will be more unreasonable than the sellers are.

6. At the beginning of the marketing cycle, you are exposing it to all the buyers on the market. Within thirty days, you will only be exposing it to new buyers coming on the market. With the technology I use to promote the features and benefits of your home, this is now a world-wide phenomenon!

Our most important job at Sanford Systems is to discover market trends and apply them to your home. We will know exactly how the listing competition stacks up and know every property that an appraiser will look at determine the value for the buyer’s loan.

In fact, did you know that we have appraisers calling our office every day? Call now to find out the exact price on your home no matter how many upgrades it may have.

Lead generation is what builds your business and keeps your pipeline full, no matter what the market says! Grow Your Leads: Just Add Wa(l)ter is a hefty book full of detailed and complete prospecting systems, and it includes the data CD (digital copy). This is also a great manual for an assistant.

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