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Five Custom Procedures Sanford Systems Use to Create a Higher Price for Their Sellers’ Properties April 26th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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Pricing strategies require some planning, research, and common sense.  These items will also help in coming up with the correct price for a listing.

By providing this list on your website in the seller section, you’ll let sellers know that you’re not just pulling a number out of thin air and their “number” might not be correct either.


  1. Creating Demand:

Demand is in the eye of the beholder.  It varies from person to person.  The demand for a particular piece of real estate changes as the wants of each individual change.  We position your home to the highest demand markets and demographics so the most potential “right” buyers will see it worldwide!

  1. Expressing Utility:

In order for real estate to have value, it must have usefulness or utility.  Usefulness creates a desire for possession and has the power to give satisfaction.  Will the typical buyer in the marketplace have his needs met by purchasing your home?  We know how to show and demonstrate the utility of your home to first the real estate agents who specialize in your type of home and area and then to the buyers. 

  1. Perceived Scarcity:

In order for real estate to be of value, it must be relatively scarce.  If too many houses like yours are for sale, it will negatively impact the value of your home.  If the buyers perceive scarcity from our direct mail, telemarketing, and web promotions – they will have a stronger desire.  Ask about our pre-listing consultation and promotions and also how they help in building scarcity. 

  1. Increasing Purchasing Power:

Purchasing power is created by desire.  Can the buyer who desires the property afford the property?  The more people who can afford the property, the better.  With our creative financing plans, we can help more people with their desire to buy your property.  We will develop at least twelve custom methods to finance your property, giving buyers more options to buy.  

  1. Placing It High on the Hierarchy of Needs:

The higher you go on the “needs” pyramid, the more self-actualization is realized.  Our marketing does not offer square footage, bedrooms, and baths, but a solution to someone’s search for core values.  We research the lifestyle attractions you have had with your property and promote that rather than numbers.  We tell a story when we market your home. 

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