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Working the Walter Sanford Plan – Week Two, Day One May 15th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

In my book If I Could Start Over Again, I take the reader day-by-day through an intensive work plan that’s heavy on lead generation systems.  The book was designed to be a training manual for new agents or for agents who need a career “reboot.”  I explain it by saying, “If I were to open a real estate practice in your town, this is the plan that I’d follow.”

Included over the new several days will be excerpts from that book.  You’ll see that “working the Walter Sanford plan” isn’t for the uncommitted or uncertain agents. During the course of the first week, the plan participant not only met with business mentors but also had an open house.

Let’s see if the “Walter Sanford plan” is for you —

Welcome to your second week!  Talking to all those people during your first week must have been electrifying…and terrifying at the same time.  Your income is determined by how many motivated buyers and sellers you talk to.  It is just the business of finding needs and solving them.  Real estate is not easy.  Real estate is hard work, and all of those rumors you have heard about real estate agents having the life of leisure are incorrect.  This is a job – a job you can love and a job of great personal satisfaction.

Exercise One:

With this theme in mind, I would like to start you out today by tallying up three common denominators from the lunch mentors you met last week.  (If you haven’t done had any appointments, take the time to make a few appointments now!)

These people should have given you a plethora of ideas, but look for the common denominators.  Write these three items down.  Next, look for two items that you really liked when you heard them – things that you think might work for you, like a personal promotion stunt, a prospecting technique, or an office system.  Choose two items that you actually liked and think will work for you.

You now have a total of five items to implement over the next five months.  Please put these five items in your personal planner, each one on the first Monday of the next five months.  You have more than two weeks until you have to implement your first idea, so this is a cake walk.

As you can see, you are starting to build your calendar so that you will have an actual business plan.  It is an exciting concept – to wake up every morning and have a list of items in front of you that you will be accomplishing.   This eliminates all of the indecision in real estate.   You wake up, look at your book, and BAM!   You do it.

You see, real estate is a “just do it” type of game.  There is very little thinking because all of the thinking has already been done by previous cutting edge people with cutting-edge systems.  All it really takes is being pointed in the right direction and just doing it.   Let’s move on to exercise two.

Exercise Two:

Unfortunately, you have to leave your hallowed office to see ten expireds today.  These expireds could be from last week or from today, depending on how your MLS board works, but pick the best ten.  Go knock on those doors, and ask the residents the survey questions.  See if you can get some appointments this week.

Exercise Three:

Follow-up on all your open house leads, and work toward making just two appointments.  Remember that you were not there to sell the house, but you were there to find buyers and sellers.  Call those potential clients back to see if they have the same levels of excitement they did at the open house.  It is not unusual to find that their excitement might have been open house induced.  You have to remember that attending an open house indicates some interest in real estate.


You don’t have to wait for this series to wrap up this week.  You can get a FULL and complete copy for yourself.  Invest in your career or the career of a friend or loved one) with If I Could Start Over Again.  In this manual, you’ll be guided for the first 90-days of your new career or career reboot. 

New or seasoned agents will get the foundation that generated my immediate cash flow. This product is includes every letter, system, call and move that I would make should I start over again in your town.  This includes the data CD, which is a digital copy for easier implementation.

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