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Why Choose Me Instead of the Other REALTOR® to That Undecided Seller May 30th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Maybe you’ve made a listing presentation and the seller is still on the fence. Here’s a letter that might help nudge them to your side.


To: Name

RE: Decisions, Decisions

Why choose me as your listing agent? When trying to decide which real estate agent is right for you, the most important questions you should ask are these: What can this person do for me? Will this person get me the most money for my property, sell it in the shortest period of time, and make the process as easy as possible for me? Did they really care about what you wanted?

Your selection of a real estate agent should not be based on the one who tells you that your property is worth the most money or the one who makes the greatest promises. The final decision should lead you to choose the one who is actually going to help you put the most money in your pocket, along with your other needs like (include needs).

Why choose me? I specialize in all of the above. There really is a difference among REALTORS®. I have a program of specific marketing activities that guarantee the results you desire. I will earn the right to your confidence and trust by my follow-up.

By my numbers, I can prove that I net my clients more. I beat the average time on the market, and I have testimonials from clients just like you! The (your area) Board of REALTORS® averages a sale at 96% of list price. I average 98%. Based on the $325,000 sales price we talked about, my negotiating abilities should net you an extra $6,500!

Please contact me with more questions before you make a final decision. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!


Walter Sanford
Sanford Systems


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