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You Ask, “Why Is Sanford Systems Different?” May 31st, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

This document can be used either as an email to a seller who has yet to commit or with some slight revisions, it can also be used on your website/social media.


RE: Why Are We Different?

Thank you for talking with me and challenging me to determine what we do differently and better than the competition. Here are some key points of difference with the Sanford team’s listing policy:

  1. We value the owner’s input through our “service guarantee.”
  2. We will supply a complete team effort to deliver feedback, service, telemarketing, buyer broker-friendly marketing techniques, technology, and follow-up. This team will include a licensed support staff, including telemarketers who will communicate professionally and effectively with buyer brokers. We can do the work of FIVE agents!
  3. Seller will receive an extensive, custom-designed promotional program, including direct mail, demographic marketing techniques, neighborhood involvement, all city advertising (not just localized exposure), top REALTOR® networking, amazing internet strategy, and client-pleasing web solutions.
  4. We have one of the most popular internet sites, with methods to capture interested buyers. This allows full promotion online to one of the largest user groups, Generation X’ers. They represent 65% of buyers and 70% of internet users.
  5. We have an exclusive way to find buyers, our “Buyers’ Assistance Program,” and promotion to the demographic group most likely to purchase your property.
  6. We use exclusively designed “Agent Commentary Cards” to encourage buyer brokers to give feedback on showings. This will also help to monitor the effectiveness of our promotions.
  7. Sellers receive cutting-edge negotiation skills. In fact, we beat the local real estate boards list-to-sale ratio by 1.7%. Just use that percentage with your home’s value to see how much we increase your net just by using this one system.
  8. The buyer we bring you will be pre-approved for a loan, and their down payment will be verified. Waiting weeks for a closing that will not close is an option we try to eliminate.
  9. We provide sellers with an intensive evaluation of competing properties. This includes a weekly printout of activity of for sale, sold, and expired properties on the street and the surrounding area. Every day, we compare these reports to your property, maintaining a competitive advantage.
  10. When you list with Sanford Systems, you do not list with just an agent — you list with a complete system that supports your goals and leaves you in control with our “service guarantee.”


There are more differences, but let us wait to determine these customized services once I know your property better. Then we can properly implement the systems that will best achieve your goals. I am looking forward to meeting with you.

Walter Sanford
Sanford Systems


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