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The Seller’s Plan of Action June 6th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

This is a part two to yesterday’s post so be sure to check yesterday’s post if you haven’t already read it.

The Seller’s Plan of Action outlines the responsibilities for the seller through the process of selling his/her home. They’re part of this process and having their interest and support is vital to the process as well.

This document can also be included in the seller section of your website and in your listing presentation. For purposes here, it’s set up to be emailed to your client.


RE: Seller’s Plan of Action on (address)

Since any real estate transaction is based upon the mutual cooperation of the real estate agent and the client, we at Sanford Systems believe that to achieve the highest price in the shortest amount of time, for you to achieve the goal of (insert goal) – you should endeavor to complete and/or be knowledgeable about the items on this list.

We believe this list will enable you to not only understand the process of selling your property better, but also to feel confident that everything is being done to get you into the closing process.

  1. The Seller will maintain the property in the best condition possible. The Seller has been counseled on what it means to have a “Show Ready” property. This responsibility continues until close of the property.
  2. The Seller should make the property available for showings at all reasonably requested times. The Seller understands a lock box that records the identities of the showing REALTORS® will increase showings over 30%.
  3. The Seller should provide easy access to the property. Sanford Systems should always have keys, tenant names, and contact information.
  4. The Seller should remove all pets from the premises during the listing period, if possible.
  5. The Seller agrees to work with agent’s assistant on all non-emergency requests so that agent may spend a maximum amount of time in the field, soliciting buyers.
  6. The Seller will obtain business cards from all cooperative agents that show the property and send them to Sanford Systems in the provided self-addressed stamped envelope or enter their contact information on my website under “showings.”
  7. The Seller will notify the agent’s assistant immediately if any sales material becomes depleted or damaged.
  8. The Seller agrees that if the property does not sell within 40 days and Sanford Systems’ marketing efforts have been fulfilled, then the Seller agrees to staged price reductions thereafter.
  9. The Seller agrees to speak with Walter, or his assistant, the moment a concern arises. The Seller will not let disappointments, if any, build to the point of distress.
  10. The Seller agrees to promote the property to all friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. If any interest is developed through these contacts, the Seller is to notify Walter Sanford immediately.
  11. The Seller should not question Sanford Systems’ advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, and internet marketing. After 30 years of experience, Sanford Systems knows what has helped sell the homes of previous clients.
  12. The Seller agrees that an assistant, agent or client-initiated contact every ten working days is appropriate to keep the Seller informed on the progress.
  13. The Seller will notify the agent immediately if any circumstances such as liens, lawsuits, refinances, or changes in marital status are occurring since the ratification of the marketing agreement.
  14. The Seller agrees to contact Walter Sanford if another agent solicits says he/she can market the home better than the current program.
  15. The Seller agrees to contact Walter Sanford if a change in motivation occurs.
  16. The Seller agrees to contact Walter Sanford should the Seller want to view or purchase any properties in any areas or locations in the world. We have contacts everywhere.
  17. The Seller agrees to inform the agent of any violations in city, county, state, building, fire, or health codes.
  18. The Seller agrees to inform the agent of any building permit inadequacies.
  19. The Seller will try to keep the agent informed of his/her itinerary when traveling.
  20. The Seller agrees not to rent the property unless the tenant is aware of all showing and sale procedures and has agreed to same.
  21. The Seller agrees to promptly provide any operating, utility, or loan statements upon request.
  22. The Seller agrees to inform Walter Sanford of any new internet sites that he/she thinks may be beneficial to the marketing of their property.
  23. The Seller agrees not to negotiate with the buyer directly.
  24. The Seller agrees not to negotiate with any individuals who are not members of our team regarding price and terms on the home.
  25. The Seller agrees to return phone calls and emails as soon as possible.
  26. The Seller agrees to keep the agent informed of any adverse financial challenges that affect the property.
  27. The Seller agrees to keep the agent aware of all physical changes to the property during the listing.
  28. The Seller agrees to pay for home inspection and termite reports prior to the sale of the property.
  29. The Seller agrees not to remove real property from the premises. The Seller understands the difference between real property and personal property.
  30. The Seller agrees to notify agent of any other individuals who have an interest in the property.
  31. The Seller agrees to leave a specific power of attorney with a trusted representative upon leaving town.
  32. The Seller agrees to vacate the premises at the agreed-upon time, at or after close.
  33. The Seller will have voice mail to take messages.
  34. The Seller agrees to furnish us with any new email addresses or phone numbers.

It is our desire to form a partnership for profit. Profit is defined as the Seller closing with a smile on his or her face and with a check representing top market value — all accomplished in record time and no problems.

Walter Sanford
Sanford Systems


Signed:_____________________________ Date:_____________________

Signed:_____________________________ Date:_____________________


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