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Be Better Than the Big Internet Consolidators July 10th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Our online leads are becoming scarce and costing more.  The bill is higher.  The consolidators are sharing the leads with your competitors.  Their client base keeps growing, and you end up with less.  Take back your online destiny.  Don’t depend on others or on things you can’t control.

Here are the steps to running a better service than the “big boys” at a lower cost.

1. Choose a neighborhood. It should be high turnover in a price range that is above your average.  It doesn’t matter if you live there.  Keep the drive time to get there small.  Go after the whole neighborhood.  Make the neighborhood small enough that the marketing is affordable (500 houses?).

2. Buy up the URLs: For example,,,, URLs are cheap so buy them all up, thus taking away the competition’s ability to get them.  Have each of them point to the home page of your main website.  Insert a big Hidden Hills button on your home page.

3. Add value to this page: (examples below)

  • Free Hidden Hills babysitting service
  • The free 48-hour phone value analysis
  • The dream home search
  • Tell me what my neighbor’s home sold for
  • Pictures of Hidden Hills in each of the seasons along with highlights like seasonal festivals, functions, etc.
  • Any CC&Rs and bylaws, budget, etc.
  • Copies of original builder’s materials
  • Sales in Hidden Hills
  • Coupons from local businesses
  • Start your own “make an offer” service


4. Have a neighborhood shredding party where you hire a paper shredding truck and/or sponsor a local school sports team.

5. Send a postcard to each occupant in the area about every 3 weeks regarding your new listing(s), a new sale, your representation of a buyer or another broker’s sale (obtain from the tax records), etc. Mention your ILOVEHIDDENHILLS website and a featured service on the site.

6.Call behind each mailing and offer value, mention the community website, and get email addresses.

30% market shares in a year are achievable.  It will cost less than the “big guys” are charging you, and you will have control forever.  Micro-analytical services will never be beaten by a national consolidator.

Said another way, using the comparable sales that an appraiser would use and visiting the property to make a price adjustment will always beat an online estimate that is often known for its inaccuracy.


Walter’s coaching clients dominate their respective markets.  They are always ahead of the curve, ahead of the market trends, and ahead of the competition.  Walter has dominated the up and down markets, and he will customize solutions for you to dominate your area while still having a life.

Call us at 800.792.5837 for an informative email or a no-obligation phone appointment or visit to learn more.

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