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Expired Research Checklist July 17th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Santa makes a list and checks it twice.  Here’s a list for you to check twice, and even add your own items to make it thrice as nice!

  1. Check MLS for all information.
  2. Check old MLS database or printouts for all information.
  3. Check property tax records.
  4. Subscribe to LandVoice at
  5. Check reverse directory.
  6. Google them.
  7. Check telephone book.
  8. Check
  9. Check 411.
  10. Call the neighbors out of the reverse directory.
  11. Check the national CD-ROM telephone book directory.
  12. Check locator Internet sites.
  13. Send mailing with address correction requested.
  14. Call title company and check addresses on previously recorded documents.
  15. Contact listing agent prior to the most recent listing agent for information and do not offer a referral fee.
  16. Contact the current expired listing agent for information and offer them a 20% referral fee.
  17. Knock on the door and talk to the tenant, and leave a note if vacant.


Time-Saving Checklists for Real Estate allows you to turn your business into auto-pilot real estate. Every checklist Walter used in his real estate business. Don’t design your own, when they’ve already been done for you.  This is for every process in your business.

The book includes a data CD, which makes it quick and easy for implementation by you, your assistant, or other members of your team.

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