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Builder Advantage Checklist July 24th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

This checklist could be organized/edit into various uses. You could re-work it a bit to send to your database. You could put in a buyer section of your website with some edits. You could also edit down into a series of sponsored/promoted posts on social media.

In its current format, it’s more for use as a letter inclusion to a builder client. If you don’t have a builder as part of your team, maybe it’s time to do some shopping…and you can use this checklist!

* Internet Marketing — our team invests heavily in our Internet presence. We pay for constant development to our many Internet sites and search engine placement. Thousands of homebuyers and sellers visit our site accessing information on buying and selling — the perfect target marketing for your company. We want to leverage this investment for your company.

1. (Company name) will be our large builder of choice
2. Links to your site
3. Our community sites will have all your development information as well
4. A form for our clients to complete called “Build Me My Dream Home!

* Pre-Building Consultation Services — our team deals with hundreds of buyers and sellers each year. In addition, we conduct interviews of these buyers and sellers. We see what buyers are looking for and what the new trends in finishings, location, and floor plans are. We would be happy to discuss our findings with you before the hammers start flying!

* New Opportunities — every week we can provide you with all new lot and land opportunities available through the MLS system and through our networking. If (company name) is looking for a specific opportunity or situation, we will help you find it.

* Cash-Back Land Buying Opportunity — we want to show our commitment to you. We will rebate any commissions earned on a lot or land purchase by your company in exchange for a limited partnership interest in that particular project equal to the commission rebate. This can reduce the amount of down payment money that you will need to purchase the lot or land.

* Walter Sanford’s Home Marketing Team will be a profit center to you. We will pay (company name) a 10% referral fee of all commissions earned on other homes as a result of our marketing your homes. We generate a lot of interest in the homes that we market through a very aggressive marketing campaign. If a buyer needs to sell a home before they buy one of (company name’s), we will pay you a referral fee on that business generated through your product.

* Our complete marketing program — it is market proven to get your home sold (your listing presentation!).

* Team Concept — we will leverage our team concept to deliver exceptional service to your company and all perspective buyers. We have a two-hour call back guarantee — you or the buyer will not have to wait for an answer from us. We always have members of our team available to answer questions. We never all take vacations or training at the same time.

* Team Effort — try our lender, home warranty, and other affiliates; maybe with our clout and yours, we can save you some money! (Add your team member résumés!)


Time-Saving Checklists for Real Estate allows you to turn your business into auto-pilot real estate. Every checklist Walter used in his real estate business. Don’t design your own, when they’ve already been done for you. This is for every process in your business.

The book includes a data CD, which makes it quick and easy for implementation by you, your assistant, or other members of your team.

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