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Walter, thanks for speaking in front of Exit Realty Florida last month. It was great stuff and my agents really appreciated you, your presentation, and your books and tapes. Thanks for an enlightening day! Steve Marabel, EXIT Realty All Stars


Checklist of Fourteen Reasons to Call Walter Sanford to Buy This Home – for inclusion in a brochure box July 25th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Never leave the back of your flyers empty. It’s prime advertising space! You can either promote some of your other listings, promote some of your urgent buyer needs (you’ll have inquisitive potential sellers checking out the flyer box, too!), or you could cover all your bases with this 14 reasons checklist!

  1. He has the key; you need it to get into the home!
  2. He will show you the best ways to finance your purchase of this home and the “right” financing package will save you thousands of dollars in interest payments.
  3. He knows all the listing and sales information in the area, and he will provide it to you. A knowledgeable buyer is better prepared to negotiate and purchase this home. Have the same facts an appraiser does!
  4. He is a community expert, and he will provide any community information that you need, including school information. You will not have to guess and hope that the information you have is correct.
  5. He has a two-hour call back guarantee during business hours. You will not have to wonder if Walter is going to return your call.
  6. He has a team of professionals to look after your needs. From the first time you call through the entire buying process, the best experts will be on your team to make sure your purchase flows as smoothly as possible. Walter’s experts want his business, and they will take care of his business.
  7. He has a full-time transaction coordinator to make sure that your transaction runs as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. He has a full-time customer service representative dedicated to making your home-buying experience a positive one. This frees up Walter’s time to take a personal interest in getting you the most home for the money.
  8. He has unique insight into the specific needs of this seller.
  9. He has a full-time buyer representative to make sure your special buyer needs are fulfilled at every step along the way.
  10. He is a nice guy. You will enjoy working with him and his entire team of professionals.
  11. He has a list of satisfied clients that you are free to call.
  12. If you have a home to sell, no one gets more buyers through its doors than Sanford Systems. If you have a rental agreement or lease agreement, he can call your landlord and negotiate your moving out. If you have other problems that are challenges for others, do not worry — Walter has seen it before.
  13. Have you ever heard horror stories about homes with problems that were not disclosed? Walter already has a full disclosure statement as to condition, signed by the seller. If you like, Walter will get a team member inspector to create a twenty to thirty page report on this home.
  14. Ever wonder if you seeing every home that is possible for your budget? Ask to be involved in Walter’s Exclusive Buyer Club. It is free of charge and it includes over 20 free services!


Time-Saving Checklists for Real Estate allows you to turn your business into auto-pilot real estate. Every checklist Walter used in his real estate business. Don’t design your own, when they’ve already been done for you. This is for every process in your business.

The book includes a data CD, which makes it quick and easy for implementation by you, your assistant, or other members of your team.

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