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Your Insider Investing for Real Estate Agents book has been very helpful. While I am not the one at the company who hires speakers, I have recommended your book and website to many of my colleagues. Cynthia Lee, Weichert Realtors


July 26th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

If you have ever heard me speak or you follow much of my training, you’ll know that I’m tough on buyers. I’d rather work with sellers but without buyers, you can’t complete the business loop!

To ensure that my time was spent with motivated, pre-approved, “vetted” buyers – my assistant would follow this checklist. This is easily a checklist that you can follow for yourself just to make certain that each of your buyers is “checking all the pertinent boxes” to earn your time.


New Buyer Files and Showing Sequence

* You will receive the $100 At-Close Magic Questions/buyer sheet outlining the personal information and property parameters of the client plus a buyer listing. Double hole punch at the top, and fasten in a letter-sized file on the left hand side of the buyer file.

* Put together file on client to include the following:

  1. Manila folder with name on tab
  2. Two-page buyer worksheet
  3. Buyer profile worksheet
  4. Two sheets of property comparison forms
  5. Walter’s credentials/personal brochure
  6. Handouts regarding buying property
  7. A map or map pre-loaded on tablet/iPad
  8. Copy of appointment letter
  9. Up-call card (original given from Walter)
  10. Place folder in BA file drawer.


* Add to all JS/JL and OBS mailings

* Enter the client’s personal and property information in our buyer search software. You will get a total inventory of all properties meeting those parameters. Double-hole punch a printout at the top, and fasten on the right hand side of the buyer file. E-mail a total inventory to the client for an immediate drive by.

* Go through the following checklist:

  1. Pull matching old expireds.
  2. Add matching FSBO inventory.
  3. Check rainmaker’s database.
  4. Check current listings.
  5. Get postcards ready for target neighborhood mail out.
  6. Add to have/want lists.


* E-mail to buyer clients the following:

  1. Create a tour map with all listings on it or buyer reps card.
  2. List of abbreviations packet so they can read listings better.


* Run detailing listing information on each of the properties on the printout. Cut off the showing instruction area (so you will cut off the listing office and agent information) and file for Walter’s or buyer reps so they can talk intelligently and objectively about the submitted listing.

* Make appointment for buyer rep or Walter to show the buyer(s) his or her/their favorites.

* Call all special inventory in item #4 and try to obtain verbal commission agreement, showing appointment, or future listing appointment.

* Obtain pre-approval letter and agency agreement, prior to showing. Confirm showing instructions and make a note if a key is to be picked up from the office. Pick up keys.

* Cross off the list if the property is PENDING SALE or SOLD. Make sure listing agent informs you of any change in status.

* Call the owners or tenants, and tell them the day and time the property is to be shown. Verify if there is a lockbox and its location. Be very helpful — these are our future clients!

* Give purchase information to tenant for solicitation into the buyer program (tenant-occupied listing program).

* Schedule properties that are located near each other to be shown within the same half-hour time frame. Some showings will be minutes and some longer. Make sure that the showing agent has seller/tenant phone number if running late. Remember, these are our future clients!

* Make sure Walter has tablet/iPad charged.

* Re-check for any last-minute “secret inventory.”

* Re-confirm with the buyer that all decision makers will be ready for the appointment.

* After appointments have been confirmed, do another map of the final tour with showing agent.

* Return everything to showing agent’s desk for review and showing.

* Enter updated client information into database. Make a copy to put into client’s file.


BB File

* Once a “Buyer A” client has been taken out of active use, move file with all information and put in BB files.

* Database printout and MLS search engine is updated at the time of transfer to file.


Time-Saving Checklists for Real Estate allows you to turn your business into auto-pilot real estate. Every checklist Walter used in his real estate business. Don’t design your own, when they’ve already been done for you. This is for every process in your business.

The book includes a data CD, which makes it quick and easy for implementation by you, your assistant, or other members of your team.

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