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Attorney/CPA August 9th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

In continuing this week’s series of “growing your team” posts, we’re providing scripts on how to approach a top attorney or CPA in the area. It would be reasonable and wise to have attorneys and accountants with different specialties as part of your unpaid team, too – real estate (that was a no brainer!), bankruptcy, divorce, tax, etc.

Remember, the goal of growing your unpaid team is to have business affiliates who can provide consistently stellar service to your real estate clients. There is an opportunity also for you to not only earn the business of the owner but also business from the family members, employees, their incoming clients, etc. (growing your client database).

Again, this is a lead generation process that is worth the effort until you’re confident in the team you have established. When you have continual “failures” with a particular team member, it’s time to start shopping again.

Live conversation script:

Hello, this is ________________________. I am calling for (agent’s name), a top real estate broker/agent in (city). (Agent’s name) asked me to call you because in your profession as a (professional status) you may be in a position to advise clients as to which real estate professional to use when a need develops. May (agent’s name) meet with you or send you some information so you will feel comfortable in referring his/her services?

Positive: (Mail) – Great! After you receive the information, I will have (agent’s name) call you. Is there a time when it is most convenient to call your office?

(Phone) – Great! I will have (agent’s name) call you. Is there a time when it is most convenient at your office?

Negative: Okay. Is there ever a need for the advice of a top real estate professional in your business?

Positive: Great! I’ll have (agent’s name) call you! Would 3 or 4pm be more convenient? Have a great day!

Negative: Well, remember (agent’s name) if the time ever comes. Have a great day!

Also, (agent’s name) has an easy to remember website so you can get any free information you may need, It has free property appraisals and forms, even a complete research library for your 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.

Voice Mail Script:

Good (morning, afternoon, evening). This is __________________. I work for a top real estate broker/agent in (city), (agent’s name). He/she would like to discuss how his/her local knowledge of real estate would be a benefit to your clients and would like to apply for the job of being one of your real estate advisors. (Agent’s name) can be reached at (phone number), or you can get many free services that your clients may need at

Letter/Postcard/Email Follow Up:


City, ST Zip


Thank you for speaking with my assistant the other day. I have worked at being one of the top real estate brokers in this area for (#) years. It is my desire to help your clients, giving them the perception that you offer more services to your clients.

Some of the services that other (professional status)es have used are the following:
1. FREE twenty-four phone value analysis of any of your client’s property
2. FREE library of information at regarding IRC 1031 tax deferred exchanges
3. FREE list of local and suggested management companies
4. FREE referrals to handymen
5. FREE evaluation of rental value
6. FREE pre-listing consultation
7. FREE custom marketing plans developed with estimates of time on the market looking at the trends
8. FREE purchase contract review
9. FREE advice on negotiating, customs, or procedures during real estate acquisition or sales
10. FREE cash flow analysis based on projected or actual rents

These are just ten of literally hundreds of services which I provide the investment fraternity. Please put me at the top of your list as your most referred real estate agent.

Enclosed are my credentials. I will be calling you soon to discuss how using (name of agent) Team will be giving your clients an edge in the real estate market.

(agent’s name)

P.S. Please visit if you would like a little more convincing!


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