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Accountants in Your Town August 11th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Newsletter Archives, Real Estate

Today wraps up our weekly series on growing your team.  We hope that you have enjoyed this series, and more importantly, we hope that you are inspired to continue growing your team with client-focused affiliates.

Live conversation script:

(Agent’s name) asked me to call you because in your profession as an (professional status) you may be in a position to advise clients as to which real estate professional to use when a need develops.  Can (agent’s name) meet with you or send you some information so you will feel comfortable in referring his/her services?

Positive:  (Mail) – Great!  After you receive the information, I will have (agent’s name) call you.  Is there a time when you are most often in the office?

(Phone) – Great!  I will have (agent’s name) call you.  Is there a time when you are most often in the office?  Also, many forms, calculators, listings and free services are available at (agent’s name)’s website at  It might be the tool you need if you are trying to determine market value for a client.

Negative:  Okay.  Is there ever a need for the advice of the top real estate professional in your business?

Positive:  Great!  I’ll have (agent’s name) call you!  Have a great day!

Negative:  Well, remember (agent’s name) if the time ever comes and I’ll send you his card.  Have a great day!

Voice Mail Script:

Good (morning, afternoon, evening).  This is _______________.  I work for a top real estate broker/agent in (city), (agent’s name).  Please call (agent’s name) at (phone number), he/she would like to discuss how his/her expert knowledge of local real estate would be of benefit to your clients.  Also, we have many free services like free appraisals and 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange information at  Thank you and have a great day!

Letter/Postcard/Email Follow Up:




City, ST  Zip


Thank you for speaking with my assistant the other day.  I have worked at (company name) providing great real estate service for (#) years.  It is my desire to impress your clients and thus add another service to your practice.

Enclosed are my credentials.  I will be calling you soon to discuss how using (company’s name) will be to our mutual benefit.


(agent’s name)


P.S.    Take a look at our website, for features your clients can use immediately.  Sections like free appraisals, free property searches, mortgage calculators, rent vs. buy analysis, and free information on Tax Deferred Exchange under Internal Revenue Code 1031.


Walter’s Phone Scripts & Moving Beyond Do Not Call is your go-to resource for scripts, emails, and letters that you or an assistant can easily begin using today.  Phone Scripts includes the hiring, and management of telemarketers plus the 60 hottest groups to go after when they have shown interest in your service.

This manual even includes what to say when leaving a voice mail.  Follow-up emails are included, too.  It’s a great manual for an assistant as well with do not call opportunities!

Check out the details:  Call 800.792.5837 and ask for the $50 blog special on this system!


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