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My Pledge of Quality August 14th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

This is a great inclusion under the buyer section of your website; it might entice those “lookie-loos” to actually contact you instead of another agent.  This pledge can also be used to send to your buyers after they have signed an agreement.  The document sets the stage in confirming to your buyer that will work tenaciously in finding their dream home.


I will work for you full-time as your professional counselor to help you buy the property of your choice, using my expertise to make buying a home a smooth, pleasant and profitable experience.

To Help You FIND a Property I Will:

• Discuss your home requirements, including style, location, price, quality, amenities, features, and hot buttons.  See our survey.

• Review specific facts on financial alternatives to determine the price and terms that are most suited to your financial abilities, goals, and future.

• Provide information on all opportunities available in the area of your choice, NOT JUST THOSE LISTED!

• Show you the entire area you select, locating schools, shopping areas, recreational facilities and houses of worship, while pointing out both the benefits and drawbacks.

To Help You CHOOSE a Property I Will:

• Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs.

• Obtain the necessary written information on taxes, local laws and ordinances, building permits, inspection reports, comparable sales, and service availability.

• Give you a complete estimated settlement expense sheet for any home on which you make an offer.  There will be no surprises!

• Have the best inspectors completely dissect your potential purchase and prepare reports to point out any needed repairs or functional obsolescence.

To Help You BUY a Property I Will:

• Explain all the financing alternatives, to find the lowest-priced and least risky financing available on the property you choose.

• Handle all the detailed offer negotiations, carefully explain all written documents, and give you a copy of everything you sign.

• Place you with a financial lender and explain the procedure for a mortgage application.• Introduce you to all my team members.

• Give you notice on any requests so there are no surprises.

• Contact you once a week or more to explain situations as they arise.

• Provide for a smooth transition “into” and “out of” your investment.

To Help You to LIVE With Your New Property:

• I will notify the neighbors of your new arrival, with your approval.

• I will help in transferring all utilities and services.

• I will talk to your accountant to make sure all tax advantages are utilized.

• I will be available to put you in touch with the selling party, should you have any questions.

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