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Dear Walter, It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the "Beating the Competition" sales system. Jose U. Jaramillo, Keller Williams


Email: General Database Solicitation August 21st, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Over the next few days, we’ll share verbiage to use for client solicitations.  Today’s version is formatted as an email and it’s worded to solicit new buyers or sellers from your database.  This particular email is from an assistant, but it can easily be changed up.

This email could certainly be paired down or even split into a series of social media ads for you to use.

To: Name

RE: Buying or Selling Soon?

There is nothing wrong with saving a few cents here or there, but when it comes to seeking medical help, building a decent stock portfolio, or dealing with something as ugly as an IRS audit, it is better to seek out a professional’s advice.

Buying or selling real estate also requires a seasoned professional. Remember, you are dealing with one of the largest assets you will ever own!  To ensure a fast sale for top dollar and to find a home that matches your criteria for a reasonable price, you do not want to put such an important asset in the hands of a beginner or a part-time professional.  Please, do not waste time and money doing it the “self-service way.”

Call Walter Sanford today for quality service beyond compare.  Sure, you have heard that before from real estate agents. Here is how Walter Sanford makes it true:

1. Walter Sanford, a “native” of (your town) has more than 30 years of experience working with buyers and sellers right here in the (your city) and (neighboring city) area.  He knows how to cut costs and time in accomplishing your real estate goals.

2. Walter Sanford has earned several of the advanced learning designations available to residential and investment real estate agents.  In fact, he is one of just a few agents in the area with a broker’s license.  What is that mean for you?  His advanced education helps him zero in on your highest priorities, create innovative, no-nonsense marketing programs that are guaranteed to attract attention to your home, and put transactions together cleanly and smoothly for a worry-free closing day.

3. Walter Sanford has created innovative and unique programs such as his Homebuyers’ Assistance Program, his Risk-Free Guarantee, and his new “Get a Move On With Sanford” moving bonus. He makes buying or selling a home a fun, successful process, which is as it should be.

4. Walter Sanford offers sound advice and unparalleled negotiating expertise. Fewer than 3% of his homes under contract do not close because of buyer challenges or legal hassles.  The average “fall out” rate for our area, based on averages from the (your city) Board of REALTORS® is 14%.

5. Walter Sanford is involved with 50 times the number of properties than the average REALTOR® sells each year.  In 20___, he sold (number) homes, compared to our area REALTOR’s® average of (number).

6. Real estate board statistics will show you that Walter Sanford listings sell faster, and for more money than the average.

7. Over the last 30 years, Walter Sanford has helped thousands of families buy and sell real estate.  He will be happy to provide you with a long list of satisfied clients who attest to his professionalism, expertise and attention to every detail.

You want to work with a consummate professional.Call Walter Sanford today at 815.929.9258 or click here to email him directly.


Cyndi Hayward

Sanford Systems

P.S. Visit for information about why our buyers find property that no one else knows about.


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