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It was a pleasure to attend your seminar in San Francisco on Thursday. You are a truly excellent speaker and by the time you were finished, I was excited about getting into residential real estate! You are doing good work in the world. Brian Tracy, Real Estate Speaker


30 Years of Wisdom for Buyer’s Agents August 25th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Most buyers’agents on teams are inefficient in creating profit for the rainmaker.

Who has time for training?  For close to 40 years, Walter Sanford has been training today’s top real estate professionals.  First, he trained his team and since then, he has trained tens of thousands of agents.

Walter keeps track of success with net profit, therefore he has designed systems that are the fast, efficient, and, most importantly, result in many sources of income at low-cost with a single exertions of energy.

Here are the subjects that every buyer’s agent must be trained on, along with most rainmakers:

1. Utilizing buyer lead generation without total reliance on expensive online lead generation. Systems to handle and solicit buyer agent’s spheres of influence, tenants in expensive rentals, investors/flippers, follow-up on buyers for the rainmaker’s listings, open houses offering value to attendees for follow up, and other interactive buyer lead generation systems can be spread among your buyer’s agents for time-blocked implementation.

2. Presenting systems to potential buyers who wow them away from other agents they are working with, if not working under contract. These value systems include showing the benefits of your internal and affiliate teams, also offering them “off-market” real estate.  Showing buyers the systems that you like might include old expireds, direct mail with telephone follow-up to target neighborhoods or buildings, contacting old clients who own what your buyer wants, FSBOs, networking for pocket listings, and other methods of determining inventory offered by no one else.  The magic of this presentation, besides knocking the buyer’s socks off, is that it forces the buyer’s agent to keep the pipeline full by soliciting listings and also it increases dual agency sales for greater profit.

3. Including point of sale information on the rainmaker’s listings. Whether an old school brochure box kept fed by the seller or buyer’s agent to online access displayed on every sign.  These presentations should always give access to the twenty reasons why a buyer should call your team regarding this listing therefore increasing the odds of usurping a non-contracted buyer.

4. Requiring strict pre-approval of buyers. Only work with the most motivated and qualified buyers.  If buyers don’t jump through the “hoops” that were designed to help them achieve their objectives, then they don’t qualify to work with your team.

5. Everyone on your team must design their activities to achieve both ends of the transaction. Walter always had his buyer’s agents produce unlisted inventory and show the team’s existing inventory first.  Meetings were regularly held to determine pocket and “coming soon” listings so that every transaction could maximize profitability by obtaining both ends.  Walter has heard the cries of foul to dual agency, but he didn’t feel the sense of loyalty to cooperative agents.  His buyer’s agents only cooperate with outside MLS agents, if his team cannot find appropriate inventory any other way.

6. Training teaches efficiency in showings. All decision makers, when possible, including the infamous “Uncle Henry” who must approve the final home are usually on the showing trips.  Showing trips are mapped for efficiency and put in an order that discourages the buyer from wanting to see more.  Walter’s 35 years of “tricks of the trade” have made fortunes for teams!

7. Learning how to make an offer on one of the properties of every showing trip is an art. It took Walter years to develop this strategy.  The offer may not always be successful but having a buyer who is used to making offers makes them more valuable in this hot market.

8. Teaching buyer’s agents how to do a spreadsheet showing the total costs of a purchase, after taxes, and after appreciation. This is simply how to make financial sense of most transactions in this current market, and it will give your buyer’s agents more confidence.

9. Getting your offer through with a multiple offer situation when the listing agent may have other motives than wanting your buyer to come out on top. It’s time to increase the success ratio of your team.


Here is the challenge —

Who has the time to teach each buyer agent Walter’s secrets that he has perfected over 40 years?  Imagine the value you give when you hand your buyer’s agent all the solutions to the above situations and hundreds more.

Walter has written the definitive text on building a buyer’s agent team – Fast Lane Buyer Systems.  It is a 664-page book, and it comes with a data CD including every word, chart, script, and system in the book.

The book retails for $419.  We know if this book gets into the hands of a bunch of the best teams in the U.S. and Canada that we will rise on the Amazon rankings.  We are distributing these system books and CDs at close to printing cost.

Check out the table of contents or see more details at

For a limited time, we will provide FOUR of these books with their CDs for your team for $129 plus shipping. THIS OFFER IS ONLY GOOD OVER THE PHONE.

Call our office at 815.929.9258 to place your order.  This will be a great addition for your team, for your office, and be sure to keep a few for recruitment.

We are going to conclude this offer prior to the National Association of REALTORS convention and expo in November.

Have the buyer’s agents read a chapter that you can discuss in the next meeting!  Change your operation so that it is massively profitable in this great market.  It all starts by putting Walter Sanford’s genius into the hands of the people who work your operation.

Call the office TODAY at 815.929.9258 to get your case of the most potent training materials ever developed for a buyer’s agent.



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