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Letter: Renter Solicitation August 28th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Some renters may rent because they enjoy some freedoms of being able to move with less hassle, no major repairs to fund (roof, furnace, etc.), or some other reason.  However, probably a larger majority of renters do so because they think they cannot afford to purchase a home.

This solicitation is written in a letter format (for mail or email); however, it can easily be converted into a demographically targeted social media campaign series.  You could also edit and create a postcard to a large apartment complex or simply put on your website with some good SEO keywords.





City, ST  Zip


Successfully Graduating from the Walter Sanford’s (City) Homebuyers Club Means Success!

There are several reasons that home ownership can offer advantages compared to renting.  When you visit, you will find:

  1. Wealth accumulation by PAYING DOWN debt in the form of mortgage payments, whereas rent only pays a landlord.  Renting is a waste!
  2. Your credit rating IMPROVES when you own a home.  Timely payments help a great deal.
  3. Over time, your NET WORTH INCREASES, allowing you to establish a preferred status with your bank; this gives you the opportunity to make other major plans, such as owning your own investment property or providing for your children’s education.
  4. If you become unemployed, the landlord still expects the rent payment, whereas most lenders will work with you, and perhaps add the missed payments to your mortgage.
  5. Owning your home allows you to CHOOSE HOW TO LIVE, what colors, what decor, what personal choices you prefer, etc.
  6. If you decide to live somewhere else, you can make the choice of selling and moving elsewhere.  Over time, you will have ACCUMULATED EQUITY to take with you — TAX-FREE!
  7. If you require short-term loans or lines of credit or other revolving credit arrangements, home ownership will provide GREATER OPPORTUNITIES.
  8. The wealth accumulation achieved by owning your home is TAX-FREE, as your principal residence is not a taxable gain.
  9. An insurance program is available ONLY for homeowners.  This provides job loss insurance to cover the mortgage payments while you look for work and get back on your feet.
  10. A mortgage payment can be fixed for up to 30 years.  Interest rates are at historic lows.
  11. You can control $100,000 of an asset for less than 10% of the total.
  12. Pride of ownership – you will be amazed by how the small repairs that used to bug you in your rental are now a joy when you own your home.
  13. Sweat equity – what stocks let you add value by painting, landscaping, adding a pool, remodeling a kitchen and bath?
  14. Retirement plan – every mortgage payment and every percent of inflation adds to your retirement.
  15. You now have an estate to pass on to your family.  What a wonderful way to be remembered!
  16. You do not answer to anyone except your lender, and they really just want your monthly payment, which is most likely less than rent.
  17. You become a respected member of the community.


This letter was mailed to you because on paper, it looks like you should own a home!  If you would like even more reasons on how a purchase would help you personally, please call or email for a personal appointment.  I have found new homes for more than 3,000 buyers!  I also have a team lender who would be happy to work with you.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems

P.S.    I look in other sources other than just the MLS.  I will show you inventory that no other agent will show you.


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