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Letter: First-Time Buyer Web Solicitation August 29th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

As with yesterday’s renter solicitation, some individuals may not know the benefits of home ownership and the opportunities that could make it happen for them!

Your possibilities for use of this letter are many – letter to a predominantly young person apartment complex, demographically targeted social media ad, postcard to a group that’s been chosen for their demographic and geographic data, etc.

Again, this is information that could also be slightly reworked and included on your website under “first-time home buyers.”





City, ST  ZIP


“We will never be able to buy our own home.”

Last year, Walter Sanford helped 57 first-time homebuyers stake their own claim.

To many first-time homebuyers, the purchase of a home can seem intimidating and even impossible — all those credit reports, down payments, contracts, and new vocabulary words you never thought you would have to know.  It is enough to make you want to give up before you even begin.

Walter Sanford works with first-time homebuyers and, as a result, he knows about many programs and lending solutions with which most agents are unfamiliar. Better yet, Walter drops all that “REALTOR® speak” and talks to you in first-time homebuyer language so that you fully understand the details of all the many options available to you.

Right now, Walter Sanford has 26 homes listed for which you can probably qualify, even if you have a lower than average income for (city).

If none of these homes are to your liking, you are welcome to join Walter’s FREE First-Time Homebuyers’ Assistance Program.  At no obligation to you, you are invited to fill out a detailed questionnaire that tells Walter what you are looking for in a home, including the down payments and monthly payments you would prefer to pay.

We enter your information in our First-Time Homebuyers’ Assistance Program database and, from that point forward, we send you detailed weekly printouts of any of the market’s newest listings that fit your criteria.

We don’t just limit your package of listings to what we are selling; that is extremely unfair to you.  You receive a package each week of every new listing in the (city) area that suits your criteria.  We even have secret properties for you that we obtain by sending out letters to owners in your areas of interest.

From those listings, you can decide which properties interest you, and drive past any of those addresses at your convenience. When you find properties you do like, just give Walter Sanford a call at 815.929.9258, email him at, or text BUYNOW to 9258, and Walter will immediately schedule an appointment to take you inside for a closer look, or help you more closely evaluate the numbers.

Just imagine standing in your own kitchen or looking out onto your own backyard!

Our team lender at (lending company) has put together a great booklet on the many ways first-time homebuyers can finance their homes.  He will even pre-qualify you for your loan.  Go to, register as a new buyer and see the free world of information that is now open to you!

One more thing – Walter evaluates each of your potential purchases for resale value.  He wants to make certain you will be able to buy a bigger home from your profits should you desire.

With Walter Sanford’s expertise, buying is easier than you think.  To find your own home, call Walter Sanford today at 815.929.9258 for a FREE, no-obligation list of homes especially designed for first-time buyers.


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Sanford Systems


Our book Fast Lane Buyer Systems includes every form to attract, manage, and monitor the buyer. Determine the motivation of a buyer, put them under contract, increase double-ending while actually providing amazing service to the buyer. This is the buyer’s agent manual! It comes complete with a data CD so there’s no need to recreate before implementation.

Check out the details here:  Call 815.929.9258 and ask for the blog special to get this book for just $50.




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