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Promotion: Selling a New Home August 31st, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

The appeal of owning a new home is strong for some individuals.  You could use this promotion as an ad, as a landing page for a new neighborhood website, as postcard to a certain age demographic, etc.  Your usage possibilities are many.

The floors in this home have never been acquainted with muddy boots….

This home greets you as “The First Family.”  It does not have a history.  Imagine moving into a brand new home. No potted plant stains on the carpet. No smudgy fingerprints on the staircase banister. Not one nail hole in any wall. Just gleaming, new kitchen appliances, spotless, thick carpet, roomy bedroom closets, sparkling, big windows, and that fresh smell of paint.

You can own a new home!  With the negotiations that I have worked out between specific builders and lending companies in town, you can even pay less for a sparkling new home than for one with that “lived-in” look. 

While I am best known for helping buyers and sellers into resale homes, I have also developed several unique partnerships with the area’s leading builders and most innovative lenders to enable you to receive low market financing and pay small percentages down for a new home in any of nine of (city)’s most popular new communities.  The builders want to move some inventory.

Choose a brand new home from $(price range), and I can make it financially comparable to, and even sometimes more reasonable than, buying a “used” home.

When are you ready to move?

Because my builder partners understand that I find more homes for buyers than the average agent in (city), they have already entrusted me with 16 beautiful new homes.  Each home has been inspected thoroughly and is under a ten-year inclusive home warranty.  In three months, my builder partners will have another 21 homes available for my buyers.  You can even go to my website and custom-design one!  Go to

Whether you are ready to move now or later, I can guarantee the sale of your current home with my exclusive Walter Sanford Trade-Up Program.  We can start working on a new home for you!

Call my office today at 815.929.9258, email, or visit for a no-obligation list of the 16 sparkling new homes I currently have available at special financing. We will mail or email it to you directly: your choice.

To learn more about my Guaranteed Sale Trade Up Program, call me, Walter Sanford, directly at 815.929.9258.  My team and I are at your disposal for all your new home needs!

If you are interested in building your own custom home from scratch, I can help there, too! Start by registering at for “The Newcomer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Site.”


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems


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Check out the details here:  Call 815.929.9258 and ask for the blog special to get this book for just $50.

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