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Don’t Be Average September 12th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

“Average agents do ok in great markets, loser agents don’t. Great agents set up the foundation for their retirement”

It is statements like this that got me de-hired from some major speaking engagements (and mentions of Jesus Christ, but that’s another story). If you are one of the greats, a great team leader or a soon to be in either area you have picked the listing business plan, can watch market trends, and spend hours every day generating new business (mostly old fashioned prospecting). It is not a popular subject but the top people are working 5-10 different lead generation systems about 2 hours a day. They are looking for rentals to keep and not turn and they have help so that they can do the big dollar activities.

If you need some help setting this up then please take advantage of my library and software that has been evolving for about 30 years. Most of the top people use it to start new activities and to train assistants and team members. It is the best in the business. When I was doing seminars I sold a million dollars of it every year. Now it is taking room up in my warehouse where we store items to stage our rentals. Make sure you get your library before everything is gone. All brand new.

The same package that used to sell for $1500.00 is now, well follow this link:

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