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WHAT RETIREMENT FROM REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE LOOKS LIKE   October 3rd, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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(a series that is not finished and is going to take a while to complete so watch for this newsletter as I complete these steps)

Hi, my name is Walter Sanford and I have been involved in buying Real Estate since 1974.  I started as a kid with high leverage and always seemed to lose the property in tough markets.  Negative cash flow and tough times, it never worked out.  Therefore, I soon learned that buying for the long term is the only way to go.  I know the trend today is to buy flips and sell.  When you buy flips, your first consideration is probably not a long term hold.  It is for short term cash.  If you need short term cash, fine, but know that sooner or later you are going to make a mistake.  You will either underestimate the cost of restoration or you will underestimate how bad a market can get.  This is not a retirement  plan.  Short term expectations for a piece of real estate is not a retirement plan.  If you use this method to produce income or to assemble down payments, I can see this.  However, remember, every time you sell you probably have about 8% of the sales price as costs.  Do it enough you might become a trader and exchanges might not be allowed.  The IRS and State will have their hand out.  The largest regrets that I have is letting great real estate get out of my hands because I needed or wanted money.  For me, a better plan was to become a cash producing machine in real estate brokerage and then use my business as a method of prospecting to find pieces of real estate that met my parameters for building inter-generational wealth.

First, let’s use the amazing wealth building potential of being a real estate agent.  This is your first step, get good at what you do!  Generate more listing leads, make better listing presentations, learn how to sell and show real estate.  Improve your internal operations which means, client satisfaction, leveraging existing business into new business, and being more efficient in marketing and closing.  There are a million steps to implement and the best way to start is to slowly implement the most important step.  That single step is generate more listing leads.  This is the start to you becoming rich.  In this series, I will help you in all the steps and along the way show you how to pick up your “keeper” real estate.  Later, I will show you how to turn those steps into wealth for many generations and actually change the world.

Since I have retired from the speaking circuit, I have my systems (large books with software) that I was selling from the back of the room at about $1500.00.  These are my newest products and this package includes everything that I have ever done.  As a “pay it forward” opportunity I am now selling these same books and software at my cost, about 94% off.  This is the start of your plan to get to the point where you are living the dream.  This is not anything but selling you the best real estate training materials in the world for 94% less than they were selling for a couple of weeks ago.  You will get 9 books, a whopping 45 pounds of checklists and information that is easy to use.  These volumes have been used by agents in the US and Canada to be the best agent in their market place.  Go here top pick up your foundation for the future.

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