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Important Seller Information For Your Website October 5th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

One of the best ways for a buyer or seller to begin corresponding with you is to offer information that is exclusive, timely, and targeted to their needs.  Your website provides the best way for someone to learn more about your offer of helpful information for their needs.

The first part of the information will be the headline that will hopefully grab the client to send them to wherever the information is housed.  Then the balance will be the actual information given to the client.

The Twenty-One Questions a Professional Appraiser or Walter Sanford Will Ask About Your Home Before We Can Determine a Current Market Value. 

  1. The comparable listings and sales, their dates of sale, and future market trends


  1. Its value adjustments based on location


  1. The site/view both looking at the property and looking from the property out


  1. The design and appeal of the dwelling’s floor plan and amenities


  1. The quality of construction


  1. The age of the property and any improvements


  1. The status of permits on all improvements


  1. Condition of the property


  1. Total number of rooms and square footage of each


  1. Number and types of rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.)


  1. Square footage (gross livable area)


  1. Is there a basement or attic?


  1. Is the basement finished? If so, number and types of rooms.  Is there a walkout?


  1. How functional is the property? Good, average, fair, poor?  How much obsolescence is there?


  1. Is there central air conditioning? What kind of heat?


  1. What type of car space is available? (garage, carport, etc.)


  1. Are there any special features that your property offers? (porches, patios, pool, fireplaces, special heating/cooling equipment, skylights, solar power, special landscaping, or technology)


  1. Were there any special financing or special sales considerations that might have impacted value for the comparable properties? Are there any offered on the subject property?


  1. How is the money market affecting value (present value analysis)?


  1. Were there any out of the ordinary motivations of the sellers on comparable properties?


  1. Is regression or progression in play regarding the neighboring properties and how they affect your property’s value?


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