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More tidbits on how to retire from real estate wealthy… October 30th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

So the questions keep coming in.  When did you start to plan for retirement?  What were the first steps?  How did you pick a date?  There are so many, it will take a bunch of posts to cover.  So let’s get started!  I planned for retirement by getting into a business that had multiple ways to accumulate wealth.  Real estate was the obvious choice.  As an agent with great lead generation skills I was able to control my listing inventory, using it to attract buyers.  I learned early that I had to live on 70% of my income.  10% for investment into down payments and 20% for income taxes.  (That was never enough until I started to shelter income with depreciation from real estate holdings).  You better learn quickly how to make money in real estate brokerage!  Go here and get my training program, better than 90% of the coaches out there for what it cost me…I am virtually giving it away as a thank you to the industry.

Then I shunned the flipping industry and started to buy decent real estate that I could afford with less than a 20% down payment…(commissions or partners were used) and bought cash flow real estate and let the tenants pay off the mortgages.  I was making great money in real estate brokerage so every rent increase went to principal reduction.  I manualized my real estate brokerage operation and rental operation and sold the information to clients who wanted to emulate what we were doing.  What a great business….every piece of real estate that I researched for a client was a potential purchase.  Every tenant a potential buyer and every investor a potential seller.  Leverage, tax shelter and a business that allowed me to make down payment money while researching real estate.

The date of retirement was always elusive.  It came down to an easy decision.  Stop when I found something more interesting.  Buying, renting, restoring and building rental property is more fun for me….also I am the only client that I have to jump for.

The first step is to make sure you are making the most money you can after you get your license.  There are hundreds of things that you can do that I guarantee your competition is not doing.  Get the package that I sold on the road for $1500.00 for only $90.00 while the inventory lasts…go here!

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