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The Foundation of All Great Lead Generation Systems in Your Database Part 2 January 20th, 2018 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

The Foundation of All Great Lead Generation Systems in Your Database
Part 2 (Read part 1 here)

The next group of people who go into your database are the same people you are taught to include in your “in office” training.  I would like to put the “Sanford Systems Spin” on it though.  Many people are unsure as to who should go into your database.  If they do not fall under the previously discussed categories then this discussion will have merit.

Who really goes into your database?  “Everyone” is the answer that I receive the most.  However, the more names, the more the overhead – because you have to write, E-mail and call your database!  The real goal is to have people in your database that you have given a piece of your heart to and on ones for whom you have performed past deeds and are holding “IOUs.”  After we know who goes in, you will want to know how to contact them, how often and with what message.  When you have all that planned out, you will have another chapter done for your lead generation system manual!

At my office, I had a list of lead categories that were qualified to go into my database; this prevented my associates or me from adding time and overhead “sponges” (non-qualifiers) to my list.  Here is the list of people we want:

  • Family, friends, and co-workers. They qualify because at some time in the past, I have earned a piece of their “heart.”  They know me, and with continued service oriented contact, I have a great chance for their business.
  • Past clients and previously discussed current leads. These people qualify because they are experiencing or have experienced my services; therefore, the “IOU’s” are in place.  99% of our services are free prior to the signing of a contract, unless, of course, they have chosen a different form of commission structure.  These are some headings of current leads and their definitions:
    • LLA – Listing Leads in the A Class – These previously discussed leads that will be listing with you in the next six months.  You have met them at a listing presentation and they said “Not yet, but soon.”  These leads might have met you at the supermarket and told you that they will be ready in three months or maybe they could not believe they did not list with you since you are a family friend!  They will list with you at the expiration of their current contract.
    • BA – Buyer Leads in the A Class – These are buyers currently in play and under contract.  They should be treated the same as LLA.*Both of these lead categories should be time-blocked to be called once a week. 
  • Website, direct mail responses, call ins, and good 1-800 IVR leads. If they have made the effort on their end, we can spend the overhead to service them.
  • Open house attendees. They squeezed your hand and looked you in the eye – this will make future contacts easier by phone or E-mail.
  • People who have been paid by you. If you do business with them, they are required to do business with you.  Be firm – ask your accountant who services his/her real estate needs.  Before you buy a car, ask to interview all the salespeople in the dealership with one question – “Who is buying or selling a home in the next 24 months?”  Pull out your check register and credit card bills from the last couple of years.  Then make a list of those locally frequented business contacts for your database entries and follow up!


Orphaned Clients — As a young agent, I was completely broke and looking for business.  Inside the file cabinets in the “bowels” of my office, there were closed files with representing agents who were no longer with the office.  Since my broker owned the information, I asked her to write all these past clients a letter to tell them that I was their new representative and I had superb abilities.  Then she requested that they accept my phone call or E-mail.  I paid for it all, but she signed the letter as if they were from her.  Wanting to keep her market share and as long as I paid for everything – she figured why not?  I added 640 new database entries the same week that I started in the business.

  • Clients that I did not represent but did buy my listing. I met them during the negotiations, under-promised and over-delivered.  Therefore, if I believe their representative may not follow up or if I felt that the solicitation of their client after close was not in violation of any moral, ethical, or legal rules – then I might add them to my database.  This method of clientele solicitation may be under-appreciated by their real estate agent so think about the ramifications first.


  • At the closing, offer to go over the closing statement! Give them a gift, answer their questions and offer to send their friends and family their new address, phone number, and E-mail address.  The card, of course, will tout your success with your picture on it!  A few weeks later, send the family and friends a copy of the testimonial letter that you received because of the great service you gave their friend/family member.  A postcard, a copy of a testimonial letter from someone they know, and bam – they are a database entry!


You might have noticed that I left out your Lion’s Club, church group, and college alumni association.  If you are not well known by the group, do not service their real estate needs or make live presentations on real estate subjects.  Do not add them.  Remember, the people you spend your time calling and writing should have you close to their heart or have an “IOU” toward future business because of a relationship you built.


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