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Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience. I have already benefited from some of the techniques in your materials. My return on investment will be huge! Thanks again. Mike Fortin, Platinum Group REALTORS®


RETIRE AND KEEP SOME OF WHAT YOU GOT GOING…..GOING April 4th, 2018 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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Want to do other things and it is about time… have paid your dues.  You have hit it hard as a real estate agent.  You followed many of my systems* and you have investments.  However, cash flow is good.  Social Security is a joke….if you make any money at all, you won’t get a check until you are 65.  But you are tired of the sellers that do not have the motivation and the buyers that cannot make decisions.  The insincere and outright mean/criminal people get you down.  I love this business but I would rather restore old homes (50’s modern is my new passion), fill my Victorian home with expensive antiques, coach deserving agents, manage my investments and make them grow for future generations, prep for the coming apocalypse, learn the words of Christ better, and see my daughters go to Hillsdale College.  All of this still takes money and if I don’t want to dispose of assets and use rental property income to buy more rental property income, then it would be nice to have some side businesses. Here are the ones that I am playing with:

  1. Having learned the antique business by buying all my life, I now find under-priced treasures that can be sold to other dealers or on Ebay.
  2.  Having done well and having all my systems* in writing it is easy to coach agents on lead generation, listing presentation, negotiation, offer presentation, dual agency production, leveraging existing business, and many other systems.  My coaching program is $15,000 a year, but I know many other good coaches having fun and making money helping agents for much less.
  3. Making my rental business more profitable by changing systems: A. Two year leases to cut down on turn over  B.  Making tenants responsible for appliance maintenance  C.  Enforcing rules such as late charges and extra room mate fees.
  4. Cutting overhead.  I learned the very easy accounting program and other easy office tasks and eliminated a $50,000 a year assistant.  Plus, I like doing the organization.
  5. Keeping brokerage income coming in.  There are many ways to do this.  The office model with you as the broker and a manager that runs the store works well in a market like this, but watch out for tough times.  Being a part time team leader.  However as soon as the competition finds out you are not involved they will win listing presentations and swipe your team members. One of the best is being clear on the type of clients you are accepting and weeding out the problem or high maintenance ones by referral.

However, the best advice is to do what you do well (real estate commission generation) and then investing what you know best (cash flow real estate).  I believe that I perfected this over my 35 years in the business and put it down in over 5000 pages, 16 cd’s and dvd’s that I have sold on the road last year for $1500.00.  This 40 pound box of the best real estate systems in the world have made many of my students into one million dollar a year commission earners.  Even if you do less than that, it does not take too many years to buy enough income producing real estate to change the world.  I am letting go of my collection of reference materials at my production cost of $90.00* as a gift back to the industry.  Really, I need my warehouse cleaned out for my above interests.  It is time to get serious about the business for the next few years while the buyers are motivated.

*click here to watch my video of me explaining what you get for $90 and then go here to get it all ordered while I still have complete sets!!

Since I have retired from the speaking circuit, I have my systems (large books with software) that I was selling from the back of the room at about $1500.00.  These are my newest products and this package includes everything that I have ever done.  As a “pay it forward” opportunity I am now selling these same books and software at my cost, about 94% off.  This is the start of your plan to get to the point where you are living the dream.  This is not anything but selling you the best real estate training materials in the world for 94% less than they were selling for a couple of weeks ago.  You will get 9 books, a whopping 40 pounds of checklists and information that is easy to use.  These volumes have been used by agents in the US and Canada to be the best agent in their market place.  Go here to pick up your foundation for the future.

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