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Coaching 9-1-1 July 31st, 2014 | Posted in General Real Estate, Real Estate

Having a coach can provide the right answers when you need it.  Below is an exchange with one of our coaching clients and it provided a little “911” for his current situation:

Coaching Client: I went on what I thought was a great listing presentation yesterday. However, the couple would not sign at our meeting. They said they needed to talk. I then felt like something was up.

Walter: On the phone while making the appointment, one of the questions needs to be – “If everything meets with your approval, are you wanting to start the marketing plan tomorrow night when I meet with you?”

Coaching Client: The guy just left me a voicemail saying they loved everything I had to offer; however, they were listing with some schmo that doesn’t do any FRICKIN’ business.

Walter: Always make it your goal to get the signature! Fake that you are leaving then do the “Columbo” and say, “So, I can email all answers at the office – what are you thinking about so I can do more research for you?”

Coaching Client: They said they had a personal connection that really suggested that they use this guy. I know them as well and I can hear the conversation: the (name) Team are doing just fine and (name) really needs the business. How in the heck do I fight that?

Walter: Let’s not try to fight until you are sure that’s what happened. Call them back. “(Wife’s name) and I are always trying to improve our services. Could you help me by letting me know what I could have done differently to earn your business? Was there anything I could have improved on for you?”

Coaching Client: This other guy doesn’t even know how to spell marketing much less apply it! I am as mad as I have been since getting into real estate. Thanks for any suggestions.

Walter: If that was the REAL reason, you needed to find it out while you were there then counter it by letting them know that more than anything else…an agent makes the difference on the amount a seller nets at the closing. Experience makes a difference in –  

• A large buyer database

• More trust from buyers

• More money to spend on marketing

• The ability to convert leads into showings by uncovering needs of buyers and demonstrating how your property fulfills them having experience in negotiating

• Understanding in how to write contracts to prevent post-closing seller litigation

• Having a team who monitors every aspect of the closing successfully

• Overcoming objections and challenges in the most cost-effective manner


Walter Sanford has been designing and implementing real estate systems for 30 years. One of the most successful REALTORS® and now wealthy from his systems, Sanford teaches his systems and strategies through his products, seminars, and personal coaching producing the best results in the industry. Do what works, do what is proven. Hire Walter Sanford. Call our office at 800.792.5837, email, or chat with us online at

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