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Getting off market sellers to work with you and your buyer. April 27th, 2020 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Here is a common question about getting potential sellers to respond.  They may check you out online first so make sure you look good!  Don’t leave out any steps in the process.


Hi, Walter.  (Name Removed) wanted to reconnect with you.  Also, she and I wanted to touch base with you regarding some clever promotional ideas that she remembered you mentioned in soliciting high-end property owners.

How do you get them to not immediately toss away a listing letter announcing that we have a buyer for their property and would they consider selling? 


Make it look special and specialized.  Personalize the letter with the inside date, inside address, and salutation line of “Dear Mr./Mrs.”  State in the letter if they are considering a sale in the next 6 months that you have a buyer who has been pre-approved by (name the bank).  Tell them the features of the area that the clients like.  Then send a similar letter to the whole neighborhood.  Hand-sign each letter.  Use window envelopes with a regular stamp.  This will appear as a professional package that will not be thrown away, unless they don’t want to sell.  


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